Erenus Art Gallery



has been established with the sole purpose, to honour, support and serve the Art, Artists and Art lovers.

In addition to exhibiting Turkish culture and art for global appreciation, we aim to promote and acquaint contemporary Turkish artists and art lovers with the progressive happenings on the international art platforms by bringing them together with other nations’ artists and thus creating a medium where education, experience, creativity and effort are precisely valued.
We endeavour to achieve our targets with extensive activities, such as organizing solo and group exhibitions of prestigious artists and encourage others; organizing national and international art fairs and participating in such fairs; providing publicity in order to develop recognition on an international basis; promoting the artists with visual presentations on the internet thus enabling universal acknowledgement; exposition to the media arousing international appraisal.
Our vision of the future success of ERENUS ART GALLERY depends on the present reliance and happiness of the artists and art lovers. Our mission is to serve the art lovers and inspire the artists with the efficiency and enthusiasm of the gallery.